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Revolutionary Plant Based Chocolate

Sweet Eats is the first and only company to create an organic DAIRY FREE dark, milk and white chocolate that is also gluten and soy free! Our chocolate is lightly sweetened with golden coconut sugar and is Vegan and Paleo Certified. We have mastered the art of creating decadent dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate and buttery white chocolate from 3 plant-based ingredients. Our chocolate is reminiscent of traditional chocolate but is packed full of healthy nutrients and melt in your mouth delicious flavor! 

Here's what our friends have to say!

"Your chocolate is AMAZING!! I found out I had Celiac Disease about 4 years ago so my list of safe foods has minimized!! The Paleo Diet is the only diet that works best for me, so your chocolate is perfect!! I NEED chocolate or I will die! It has been near impossible to find a Paleo chocolate that isn't dry or lacks in taste and flavor! Your chocolate is seriously so creamy and smooth! Thank you!"
Danika Nichols, AZ


"I am absolutely obsessed with Sweet Eats white chocolate...like so obsessed I buy in bulk. It is so hard to find a good quality chocolate made from not only a non-dairy source but also that does not use white (refined/bleached) sugar. This is everything I have always wanted in chocolate AND it is ridiculously good. Try it...it's VEGAN CRACK! I recommend sitting down with a bottle of Kombucha, poured into a wine glass for sophistication purposes, and a bar of this chocolate...and your day will pretty much ROCK...guaranteed."  

Marcy Kopp, MD


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