We get asked this question a lot and yes, it IS really chocolate! In fact, Sweet Eats chocolate is about as close to real chocolate as you can get. Nowadays, much of commercially produced chocolate is so filled with sugar, emulsifiers and other unnecessary ingredients that the amount of true chocolate ingredients is minimal. At Sweet Eats we can count the number of ingredients in Sweet Eats chocolate on one hand...4 fingers to be exact! The Theobroma Cacao tree is the heart and soul of all things chocolate. At Sweet Eats we work with small family farms in the Dominican Republic to source fairly traded, single origin, organic cacao. In addition to the Cocoa bean, we rely on one other plant to complete the foundation of Sweet Eats chocolate. One of the first things people say when they try a Sweet Eats milk chocolate bar for the first time is "Oh my gosh, it's so creamy!" We have the coconut palm tree to thank for that one...Coconut milk is the rock star that makes Sweet Eats chocolate dairy free and why our chocolate has that luscious creaminess that Belgian chocolate is known for. The final ingredient that makes up Sweet Eats dark, milk and white chocolate is a small amount of organic Indonesian coconut sugar. The deliciously nutty and almost caramel like flavor of the coconut sugar adds a perfectly subtle sweet note to our mouth watering chocolate! 



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